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CRRT manual?

  1. 0 Our PICU uses the Gambro Prisma machines for CRRT. Currently a group of us are trying to organize and write a bedside manual for nurses including basic preparation checklists, set-ups, protocols, etc. We aren't interested in re-inventing the wheel per say so I was curious if anyone else out there has such a manual on their unit...
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    We are working on this as well, I am actually looking for what exactly is required or expected of nursing in documentation. We currently use the Wonderful " Cerner " program. Any help would be great!!!
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    bah we use cerner too! I've never used anything else but it is the bane of my and everyone elses existence! Currently we do both paper and computer charting for CRRT. We chart the I&O in the regular computer charting but also do separate CRRT I&O on paper. Ridiculous double charting
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    Have you thought about having a Gambro rep come to your unit for an in-service? I'd be curious to know if this service is included in the purchase of the CRRT machine or if the hospital pays extra for these reps to come and do teaching. Hmm.