Advice for new Respiratory Therapists in the PICU?

  1. 0 I'm a respiratory therapy student anticipating graduation in a couple of months. I have a prospective job at a children's hospital. I am especially interested in the picu. Do any picu RNs have any advice for me?
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    Be prepared to cry sometimes, laugh sometimes and wonder at the human condition a LOT.

    In our PICU, RNs, MDs and RTs truly work as a team. We respect each others' knowledge and expertise - and rely on each others' judgement. We all contribute important parts of the total care package. I guess my advice would be LEARN all you can, DO all you can ans CONTRIBUTE all you can.
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    If you get paged- respond ASAP. We're pretty good at troubleshooting most issues and taking steps to correct problems that we can manage. So if you're paged, it's because we really need you.

    Know your tube sizes. Know which size ETT, oral airway and LMA you'll need for a patient of any size and weight. This should be second nature. Know what size suction catheter you'll need, what size ambu bag and the rate, volume and pressure with which you should be bagging a patient based on their weight.

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