Villanova Alternate Sequence Program Fall 2012

  1. Has anyone been accepted to the program yet? Also, how many people are they accepting?
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to PA Nursing Programs for more of a response.
  4. by   loki134
  5. by   loki134
    Still nothing. I'm guessing that's no good
  6. by   loki134
    I got in!
  7. by   Ashley7387
    I have also been accepted to the alt seq program for fall 2012
  8. by   loki134
  9. by   loki134
    Ashley, are you going? Where do you plan on living?
  10. by   Ashley7387
    Thanks! Congrats to you too! Yes, i plan on attending. living?.. no idea yet. im going to look at apartments over the summer
  11. by   Ashley7387
    loki... are you attending? any idea where your living?
  12. by   loki134
    I am going, but I also have no idea.
  13. by   loki134
    I am going, but I also have no idea where I will be living.
  14. by   Ashley7387
    loki, do you have any idea if we're going to have an orientation before classes start at the end of the summer? it would be nice to meet the class before classes actually start. Also I'm hoping to find a roommate to split the cost of living off campus.