Villanova Alternate Sequence Program Fall 2012 - page 3

Has anyone been accepted to the program yet? Also, how many people are they accepting?... Read More

  1. by   emma44
    After reading several post concerning housing cost closer to Villanova as well as looking online for housing options I've decided to stay in my apartment on the Main line which is 15min (no traffic) from campus.

    I think starting a FB page would be very helpful for us to get to know each other and share information. For example I'm not quite sure when we will start receiving info regarding Vaccines, test, uniforms and certificates (CPR) but I am sure that these will be needed for us to start. I have spoken to many of my friends who are entering Drexel and Jefferson programs and they need the same tests to start in the fall.

    I am very excited to be starting this exceptional program in 2 months and look forward to meeting you all.
  2. by   Katierkirwan
    Hi everyone!I am also starting the program August 27. I got all the info early this month about background checks and vaccines etc but am wondering how to know about books and uniforms? Does anyone know anything about this . I did call And talked to someone who told me our first semester schedule is from 8:30 to 2:30 Monday through thursday. I look forward to meeting you all and am excited (and little scared) to start!Take careKatie
  3. by   Ashley7387
    Congrats Katie on getting into the program as well. Our schedules are on our my nova account. Where you can see specific classes/times/ and who else is in the class. As for uniforms I think well find out during orientation how and where to purchase them. And hopefully what books as well. I look forward to meeting everyone in a month at orientation
  4. by   Sar016
    Hello everyone,

    I know these posts are a little dated but I wanted to know for those who attended the program, how was the program overall? Did you enjoy it and what were your class and clinical times/days like? I am anxiously awaiting a decision on the program for the the fall start date but I just wanted a little more information from those who have already completed the program. Thanks!