UPMC SON Graduates Starting Salary?

  1. 0 I was just wondering what the UPMC SON RN graduates are starting salary is at UPMC hospitals.
    What hospital do you work at and where in the hospital do you work?!
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    You're going to find that any UPMC hospital starts at between $20-21 an hour, I think, regardless of where you graduate from. You'll get more with direct patient experience, such as PCT/NA time within the system.
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    This is some info I would like to have had while scoping out UPMC. I have a BSN. New grad. Just hired. Offered $23/hour. I negotiated an addt'l 23cents/hour for each year of relevant experience as a health educator. So, pay as new grad is $23.69/hour and opportunity for 3-5% raise in 6 months, I was told.
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    $22 just starting $1 extra for bsn. 4% raise at 6 months for change in title from staff nurse to prof. staff nurse.

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