Shayside SON Fall 2011

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am new here! I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything on their applications for Shadyside starting in the fall? I was just wondering how long it would be before I heard something?

    Maybe we will be in class together this fall!!
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  3. by   ninabean520
    I received my letter of acceptance on may 25th! Have you heard anything yet ?
  4. by   audie217
    YES! I got my letter on May 23rd! Congrats to you! I filled everything out and mailed it back so now I am playing the waiting game again...but for my clearances this time. Which info session are you attending?
  5. by   audie217
    We seem to be talking to each other on two different!
  6. by   audie217
    HAHA!~ yes we are talking to each other on 2 different threads! I was thinking the same thing!