Psychiatric RN (travel) positions in Pittsburg?

  1. Do they exist? If so what agencies are basically utilized?
    If they do not exist which Hospitals have psychiatry and do you know if they are hiring?
    Would you happen to know pay scale? Hours? Benefits?
    Thank you very much.
    I apologize for all the questions.
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Western Pych is a hospital in Pgh. Not sure if they use travel staff.

    Are you in PGH now or looking to travel here?
  4. by   fawnsternurse
    Just looking to travel there and trying to adequately assess all my options.
    Thanks for the response.
  5. by   LostButMakinGoodTime
    Try UPMC Western Psychiatric, also WPAHS Forbes, and WPAHS AKMC. All of them have openings in their psych units.
  6. by   kleocattra
    You can apply for a position as a Psychiatric Registered Nurse with a Community Treatment Team at, the team serves consumers throughout Allegheny County