Philly hospitals still hiring LPN's???

  1. 0 Hi all,

    Just wondering if the hospitals in Philly are hiring LPN's with experience? If so...what is the pay rate?

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    Most of the hospitals DO NOT hire LPNs for floor nursing; LPNs were phased out years ago; they may hire for clinic nursing.

    I have not seen that many floor positions in hospitals for LPNs lately.

    Philly has a ton of nurses, namely RNs where the pool is to go for experienced RNs; even the rehab hospital that I used to work for as a LPN looks for experienced RNs.

    LPNs work in clinics, LTC facilities as well as in home health settings.
    I suggest looking on Internet job boards for current LPN positions.

    Best wishes!
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    I'm fairly certain Holy Redeemer Hospital still hires LPNs.
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    HUP and Main Line Health still hire LPNs. Mainly for outpatient, hospice, and rehab

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