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  1. 0 I am applying to both penn state worthington and LCCC for fall of 2011. I know LCCC's acceptance rates, and procedures since I go there currently, but cannot find anything on worthington's I was curious if anyone knew, or if anyone goes there.

    I have a 3.7 but Im still incredibly nervous about both programs.
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    Hi have you heard back from LCCC? I have applied to both for the fall '11 and got into evening at LCCC but don't know if I should accept b/c I would rather go to Penn State but they won't tell until March. In my opinion LCCC was not that difficult to get into (I got in twice) but I hate driving to Nanticoke (I live in Scranton) and you only get out with an associaties but with PennState you can get the BS in just a few more credits.
    If you get into both what are you basing your choice on?
    I was told if I got into LCCC I will prob get into PennState.
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    Hello! I know it's been some time since these postings, but I was wondering if either of you began penn state worthington scranton and if so, how is the program?.. I'm anxiously awaiting to hear back for fall admission..

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