P.I.T.C vs Eastern Center for Tech and arts PA

  1. Hi I'm new on here and was browsing for a while I see some give out good advice so I would like some for myself.. I am looking to start the LPN program at either school in Philadelphia in jan or feb. I know for sure that Eastern classes start in feb.. Has anyone went to either schools and why did you choose the school.? Also how are the classes I have seen a bit bad reviews about pitc but I know it's a new year and things change so any advice please help thanks ☺

    P.s I'm not sure if I'm writing on the right thread..I'm new
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    moved to our pennsylvania state nursing programs forum as state specific school.

    you want to look for programs that are board of nursing and national league for nursing accreditation commission (nlnac) accredited to get the most out of your education dollars along with nclex pass rates.

    have you looked at new courtland's practical nursing program located in northwest philadelphia as they just received nlnac accreditaion and are offering tuition asssitance.

    bon link practical nursing programs
    directory: nlnac accreditied nursing programs
    pa nclex pass rates [color=#003399]pn programs
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    No I haven't but thank you so much I would look into the program this week thanks