New grad from new jersey-- what's  job market in Eastern PA? New grad from new jersey-- what's job market in Eastern PA? | allnurses

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New grad from new jersey-- what's job market in Eastern PA?

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    I'm a May graduate with my BSN. I have applied to all the hospitals in south jersey with openings (Cooper, Virtua and South Jersey Regional) and got no responses/interviews. I live very close to Philadelphia and was thinking about getting my license in PA to maybe open up some more opportunities. Does anyone know how the market is over there? Would it even be worth it to spend the $150 for endorsement? Any suggestions/insight would be so helpful! Thanks.
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    The market isn't good over in the Philly area either. I've only gotten interviews with nursing homes, adult day centers. No hospital interviews yet.
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    I'm also a May 2012 BSN grad. I live in Philly. The market sucks for inexperienced nurses. I have my license in PA, NJ, and DE. I only had one interiew at hosp in DE thus far and I didnt get the job
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    Thanks for the help Missy32 and Sharon2012rn. I thought getting a nursing job was supposed to be easy! I went to school in Illinois and pretty much 90% of my class already has jobs out there. Well best of luck to you guys!
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    Best of luck to you also Dana, I thought nursing school was going to be the hardest part, it's getting the first job.