LPN student want to go to Jefferson ASN at geisinger next fall 2012?

  1. HI im an LPN student I just turned 20 I graduate in January. I love nursing and i dont really like school but hey we all learned alot right ! lol

    anyhow, I really really really want to go to jefferson for ASN next fall and there are no prereqs just take the pre exam and send in your transcripts. I'm VP of my class right now but my question is how hard is it to get into Jeffersons ASN program at geisinger? I feel like since there are no rereqs there has to be more of a catch?

    I know there is a red pre exam book to buy but what is the toughest subject and how far ahead should I study for this pre exam before scheduling the test date?

    also would help for any current, senior or alumni JTU students!

    Thank you so much!
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    moved to our pa nursing programs discussion forum...see previous posts here.
  4. by   klb82
    This year's graduating class is the last for Jefferson School of Nursing here on the Geisinger campus. The school is no longer going to be in Danville.