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Hello all, I'm taking this chance to meet other nurses in PA. Who knows, maybe I've meant some of you. I graduated a year ago, and meant a lot of other nursing students in clinicals, and such. Anyway, if you're... Read More

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    Quote from LarryG
    Fairly new, older nursing student (career-changer) here from Berks County. Starting clinicals in Sept 2004. Looking forward to clinical associate position (med-surg) in a local hospital in Jan.

    Hi to all PA people!
    Larry are you at RACC?

    Nursing student too. Just 3 miles from Berks Co. Very tip of Montgomery.

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    I am looking for a preceptor in a SE PA hospital for the summer rotation.
    If anyone is interested, please drop me a line.
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    Hi!! I'm originally from Northern PA (Bradford Co.), but now reside in Berks. I work at a family practice office and really enjoy it! With two small children, the hours are great and weekends are free to do whatever. anybody else from Northern PA??
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    Quote from Pete495
    Yes, I have taken the GRE. It was not very nice to me, let's put it that way. Since it wasn't that nice to me, I've decided to get my CCRN. I figure this might help my chances better for anesthesia school when I decide to apply. When I took the GRE, I did not study for it, simply because it is impossible to study for. Many of my psychology professors gave me the advice of simply doing some of the prep. questions to become familiar with the testing. I did spend a lot of time on this, but I've never done very well on GRE, SAT, yada yada yada. Those tests are a bunch of hogwash in my opinion. Just another excuse to see how dumb we can make you feel. Funny thing is I know people who are smarter than your average bear, but just don't do well on these tests. I believe I fall into that category.

    I am not taking any classes right now. I'm enjoying the time off from classes actually. I spent 5.5 years in college to get two degrees, so I was tired after I got out. It wasn't exactly the easiest college. I'm trying to grit my teeth, and just go back to school, but most of me knows I cannot go until I'm really ready, or else I won't be able to tolerate it at all. Problem is, graduate school is becoming more competitive every single year, and it is getting increasingly hard to get into, and get through it.

    Actually... when I went to grad. school, GRE's were only a requirement for graduation. I took GRE's in the summer before I entered my 4th year of my grad program. It took me 20 minutes... I answered "C" to everything and my written paragraph was 'Run, run... see John run." I scored an 890. Incredible, isn't it?

    And... you're right... to date, I know of know study that ever demonstrated a correlation between GRE score and ability of a student to complete a master's degree program.

    Good luck in your CRNA program search.


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    Hi all! Having trouble finding new home in Philly area. Moved here from St. Louis and things/people are sooooo different. Hate my current job. Hospital sucks big time. Looking for new job, hospital, unit. Would love to meet nurses from Philly area. BTW, been an RN for twelve years and investigating grad school for NP.
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    Hi - I just moved back to Philadelphia after being away for ten years and I am also house hunting. I'm having the opposite problem - there seems to be soooo many houses to choose from that house hunting is taking up too much of my time. All of the realtors are telling me that there tons more houses on the market for the summer. What troubles are you having? Finding the right neighborhood? Finding the right size house? Post here or PM me and maybe I can help out.


    Quote from luv2nurseinER
    Hi all! Having trouble finding new home in Philly area. Moved here from St. Louis and things/people are sooooo different. Hate my current job. Hospital sucks big time. Looking for new job, hospital, unit. Would love to meet nurses from Philly area. BTW, been an RN for twelve years and investigating grad school for NP.
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    Hi all! I live in northern Montgomery Co. (close to the Berks county line)....went to college in Reading, PA. Raised in Hatboro, PA (near Willow Grove, Warminster, Horsham, etc.)

    Working Part time 3-11.....really enjoying it, but I'm mainly concentrating on raising my family right now, so I'm not taking on any big changes in my career now....maybe someday.

    Anyone, feel free to PM me, we can talk! I'd love to meet some new people in my area!

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    Quote from colleen10
    Hi David,

    I am in Pittsburgh and will begin nursing school in a few weeks.
    How is nursing school going? I am in nursing school also in Western PA in a LPN/ADN program. Where have you done your clinicals?

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    hi all! Nice to see so many from PA!!! =) I'm currently waiting for an acceptance letter from UPMC Shadyside...hopefully i'll be able to start this fall for the RN program. I live in Ohio right now, but if accepted will of course be moving. anyone have any suggestions on where to live? the school is downtown Pittsburgh, and i really don't want to drive more than 30-40 min a day.
    I came out there in Jan. to take my pre-entrance exam, which overall i got scores in the 90th percentile in 3 sections, and one section was 81%, so i'm hoping it's enough to get me in. i qualified for everything else! but i won't know until after may 1st!
    I'd love to meet,e-mail, talk to anyone out that way, it's kinda scary and a big step for me to move to a different state by myself (well i do have a dog too )
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    Quote from NURSEPATTY
    Since your last post how has things been working for Kforce? I just applied and was interviewed yesterday in their Pittsburgh office.How has the experience been working for that agency? I'm an LPN from the S.W. Pa area.....namely Fayette County...would appreciate any of your thoughts on if I should continue persuing this............thanks.Fortunately i have 2 years each of Med-surg and LTC experience. I'm 48 and have been LPN for 4 years.
    If anyone else has had experience with this agency...would like to hear your experiences...whether good or bad.
    I hesitated replying to this letter but I feel the honesty is the best. Here is the thing.....I love the job, I don't like the agency. I have found a lot of miscommunication, they have misplaced important paperwork of mine, and most imporantly for me if you need benefits and it's important to you....walk away now. Also you can't work for anyone they have a contract with for 2 years after you would quit which is ridiculous because it's a large amount of clients int he area! Good luck. If this is just on the side for you then it's great, if it's your source of benefits or income...dont' bother.

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