Looking For Other Pa Nurses!!!!

  1. 2 Hello all,

    I'm taking this chance to meet other nurses in PA. Who knows, maybe I've meant some of you. I graduated a year ago, and meant a lot of other nursing students in clinicals, and such.

    Anyway, if you're interested in joining this discussion to meet others in PA who are recent grads., leave some comments.

    Anyway, I'm wondering what kinds of hours everyone else is working, where people are working, what kinds of skills you're all learning, and your current job satisfaction, etc. Right now, I work quite a number of hours in a cardiovascular surgical unit. It's pretty good experience. Sometimes I find I get taken advantage of to work a lot of hours, but most times I don't mind, cuz I get a lot of good experience. I may move on to CRNA school someday. Any body else have grad. school aspriations?

    Anyway, if you're a recent grad. or from PA, join the discussion, and let people know what's out there for new grads.


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    I work in PA, David...where do you work?....PM me!

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    I work in PA- but i'm not that recent of a grad. I teach 4 days a week, do every othe weekend 3-11 in a hospital, and play around with my NP a couple of evenings in the week for a semi-retired physician.

    I hated grad school- but what can you say.

    What part of PA do you work in?
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    Am in Philadelphia, as a travelor - Do I count?

    Carolina of the South
    (temporarily in yankee territory)
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    I am in Pittsburgh, anyone want to meet for lunch?
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    I'm about two hours East of Pittsburgh, but far from being a new grad. I work all nights in ICU. I also have relatives near Philly and York, and usually visit there several times a year.
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    Graduated 2000. Working in Philadelphia, living in suburbs. Trying to find my niche. Working 2 jobs. One F/T days outpt, another qow/e 3-11 residential.
    Want to go into perioperative nsng.
    Where do you work? I have a couple of family members who are CT surgeons in PA. If you don't want to post that info you can pm me.
    We should try to all meet somewhere! I like road trips!
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    Graduated '96. Pgh area, hospice for 3 months and loving it. Was trying to get other Western Pa nurses together for dinner, but lately have been very distracted with family issues, mostly resolved now. See http://allnurses.com/forums/showthre...threadid=29214
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    I will be attending the Nursing Horizons seminar at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing Oakland campus on March 7th. Anyone else going to be there?
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    I work in Pittsburgh in a local ER. Not a new grad though, been working for 28yrs. Still willing to meet for lunch cargal and badbird if you're game.
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    Not quite a new nurse. From Pittsburgh area. Graduated in '96 (Pitt) and work in Long Term Care. Anyone else in LTC? I haven't been to the Horizon's Conference in years! Its nice to see they still have them
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    Not a recent grad but work in a rural community ER in North Central PA. Truly has a touch of" family" with staff, MDs and administration. Complete with all the squabbles that go along with an "extended family" but all in all a great place to work. This is home to the "Pennsylvania Grand Canyon".
    Anyone for hiking, canoeing, fishing or camping? [or lots of snow at the present ; it'll probably be around till May! sigh!! ]
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    i live in pa not a new nurse but wouldn't it be nice if we could all get together and meet somewhere, older nurses could pow-wow with newer nurses and offer support and newer nurses give me hope for the future.
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