Licensure by Endorsement into PA

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    I've looked at the forms on the PA BON website for licensure by endorsement, and I'm a bit confused.

    I see that you can apply for a license, or a license + Temporary Practice Permit. Why do I need a TPP if I'm getting a license by endorsement? I'm a new grad nurse, currently licensed in VA, and am planning to look for jobs in PA and work their for 1-2 years if I find work there.

    Can someone explain the reason for TPPs to me? I don't mind paying the extra $35 ($135 for license+TPP, only $100 for license alone), but I don't see why I need the TPP at all.


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    A TTP is for a new grad who has not passed the NCLEX and wants to work as a GN. I don't think you would need this.
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    Thanks! It all makes sense now.
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    So which one is the current form, I am confused as well

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