LGCNHS Fall 2011

  1. 0 Hi there,
    I just got my acceptance letter for the LGCNHS nursing evening/weekend program this fall'11. Anyone else who got accepted? I will be moving to Lancaster in the summer! Let me know and maybe we can help each other out :-)
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    I was accepted recently also. I live in York so will be commuting. Did you attend the "Accepted Students" day 2 weeks ago? We may have ran into each other if you did.
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    Hi, no I wasn't at the "accepted student day" I went in April already. Did you sign up for the computer day? I think I'm doing it beginning of August.
    How did you like the accepted student day? I guess we'll see each other at the open house
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    I am also starting at LGCNHS in the fall of 2011. But I will be in the day program. I am really excited, but SOOO nervous. Good luck to you girls!
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    Accepted students day was really nice. All the people there seem like they really want to help, Im so excited. Im doing the eHealth thing on august 3 i believe, the eveining one that lasts till midnight lol. I just got my uniforms in the mail and they finally released the book list thats enormous lol, but once I get those ordered I'll be just about all ready. Six more weeks, yay!

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