1. i was suppose to start school last year and was unable to do so. now that i can i am trying to get into the september 2012 class at lcctc. i want to do the day program as it is only 12 months. i attended before but had to drop as my mother was really sick and needed surgery, although she is not much better my niece has offered to help so i can continue what i wanted to do all my life become a nurse. the school has a high nclex pass rate, and the cost is reasonable compared to others in the big city. although you dedicate 1 year of your life to the learning process it is worth it. if anyone out there is considering the day program for upcoming sept 2012 please let me know. i hear since i left and have to re-enroll the books and uniforms have changed but next week i will get more information so i can get all my stuff turned in ahead of time. so good luck to all future nurse at lcctc because there will be days you will feel like crying, but be strong you can make it.
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  3. by   JenniferMae
    Good day momdukes909. I want to let you know that I recently graduated from LCCTC. And yes they have changed their uniforms and books. The uniform tops no longer unbutton from the bib. And good luck to you!