Jefferson vs. Villanova

  1. 0 Has anyone applied to these schools (or is anyone considering both)? I'm aiming for UPenn but not sure of my chances there. However, I think I have a solid chance at these two, but I'm having trouble deciding which I prefer should I be accepted to both.

    Does anyone think one stands out over the other? Why?
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    Both schools re very good. If I was accepted to Villanova, I will take it in one heart beat. Congrats.
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    I'm totally with you here. I applied to Jefferson and Villanova, was accepted to both, and now am having serious trouble picking one over the other and sticking with the decision. There are a few reasons I personally am leaning more toward Jefferson. I really wish more grads or current students of the BSNExpress program would post here about their experiences, I feel like this might help. There is a fair bit to read about the FACT program on this site. Both schools have great reputations and programs...
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    I got rejected for Jefferson. I am feeling so down. I have two more schools to hear from.
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    Admissions is a fickle business. It's always hard to accept rejection. Just remember that Jeff may have overlooked your potential but there a good chance one of the others will have noted your passion and desire.

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