Holy family Fall 2013

  1. 0 taking precalculus for holy family in the summer for the fall program of 2013. Anyone else???
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    I am taking precalc now at ccp and then I have to take English 102 over the summer then I'm ready to start Holy Family in the fall!
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    yay!!! I am so happy you also got accepted. Dont worry I hope we study together. congrats to us. I will be taking Pre calculus in summer 1 at ccp. How was calculus is it really hard?!? cos my maths skills is a lil poor
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    I just started the beginning of February cause its only a10 well course. I have my first test tonight I've been practicing like crazy! It's definitely harder than 118. But I'm not very good at math either. When you register make sure you look up rate my professor cause ccp doesn't have alot of great math teachers. I think we get to register for summer courses March 18 th.
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    ok Thanks for the update. I love this site!!!
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    Moved to the Pennsylvania State Nursing Programs forum.

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