Having difficulty deciding on PSU or GWU for 2nd degree BSN

  1. Hi everyone! I recently got my acceptance letter to George Washington University in DC/Virginia area but also got my acceptance letter to PSU Altoona back in Feb. Both programs from what I have read, are great. If anyone can help by maybe telling me their experiences at the programs then I'll be another step closer to picking a school.

    So far I know that living expenses in DC/VA will most definitely be much higher than Altoona. The tuition for GWU is also much higher. But I'm curious as to how much the tuition was for PSU's program this previous year. If anyone in the program now knows please let me know!

    For anyone that has attended GWU BSN program, how did you go about financial matters?since the program does not offer any scholarships.

    Thanks to everyone in advance for responses!
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