Gwynedd mercy whos starting in fall 2012 with me??!!

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    Starting Gwynedd Mercy freshman class in fall 2012 just would like to know is anyone else sattending this program too on this forum??
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    I am! So nervous!
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    I heard the program is intense! Dont be nervous everything will be great I heard this is a top notch nursing program
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    I was accepted very late so I'm still trying to get all of my stuff together for clinicals, etc. Do you have all of your books and uniform purchased already?
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    I bought my uniform my friend in the program told me to only buy one for now if your trying to save money like me b/c we only have to wear it once a week just a tip for ya and no I didnt buy books yet altogether theyre $800.00 im saving that payment for last lol
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    If you need 1 or 2 pre reqs, can you mix them in the the nursing courses? I was accepted for 2013 fall start but need 2 gen Ed courses still... So I'm confused how that works!
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    yes you can
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    Im so hype, about starting in fall of 2013's nursing program

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