Graduate Nurse INTERVIEW at Reading Hospital!

  1. 0 Hello everybody! Soon to be new grad (as of next Friday)!!!! I applied early for a graduate nurse position at the Reading Hospital and now I have an interview on Tuesday! Anyone have experience with Reading Hospitals interview process? I am so nervous. I applied for a medical/surgical unit. What kind of questions do they ask??? HELP!!!
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    Moved to our Pennsylvania Nurses forum...see previous posts about Reading Hospital.
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    How did it go?
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    I don't remember the questions, but i also started there as a new grad on med/surge. Lasted 2 weeks. The nurse's there were very mean and rude, didn't want to help me learn ANYTHING and had me working as a PCA instead, wouldn't let me pass meds but didn't want to teach me either. One day when i went in they were calling patieints Mr. ******* or Mrs. ***** while giving report to the next shift, even went so far as to call their family members very vulgar names, I walked off the floor and quit. Hope you have better luck!!
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    How did it go

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