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Endorsement & Temporary Practice Permit in PA - timeframe?

  1. 0 I'm a NJ RN and I've applied for endorsement in PA with a temporary practice permit.

    I sent in all the paperwork, check, paid nursys to verify my license, and my school sent my official transcript to the board. The PA board should receive everything in the mail by Monday.

    Anyone know approximately how long this process takes? I have an interview next week, and if all goes well, they would want me to start on April 8th. But I need to have my TPP for PA to start orientation. I'm hoping I can go to the interview and be able to say "I should have it by then."

    I know the NJ BON is notoriously slow, but if you are persistent with calling/emailing or if you show up in person, they'll issue your license. Is PA like this too?
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    It took 3 weeks to get the TPP last year. I didn't mail my transcript; just sent it in last week so i can't tell the time frame for the license.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I saw that my check was cleared so hopefully that means it will be issued soon?
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    My number was posted today! Just in case anyone else searches for this...

    If you call the PA BON, the computer voice tells you 10-15 business days after receipt of your application for endorsement.

    They issued my temporary practice permit 9 business days after they received my application in the mail.
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    I actually got my license at about 2 weeks after mailing the transcript. I think they're pretty efficient compared to other states.
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    I was wondering if the OP and/or anyone else could explain the benefits of endorsement with TPP ($135) versus just endorsement ($100)

    Is the TPP granted quicker than standard endorsement?

    I am on a tight budget right now and am wondering if it is worth it. I haven't found much explanation on the BON site, just info on how to apply.

    Thanks in advance.
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    When I moved from NJ to Missouri, the TPP gave me about 6 months to work before I needed to get the endorsement. In my case, it gave me time to actually get the 'degree' from the college I attended. (I completed my nursing program in December, took the boards in January and passed, making me a NJRN. Problem was, the college I attended only graduated 'one' class per year, so I had to 'wait' until May to actually receive my official degree.) The TPP gave me the opportunity to work as an RN until I was able to elevate it to the Endorsement. I would imagine that it works in a similar fashion for PA.
    I'll be applying for my PA license in the spring, only this time I will most likely go right for the endorsement rather than the TPP/Endorsement. Good luck!
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    Hey guys, I know this thread is a bit old but I'm hoping y'all can answer two questions for me! 1- my license can be issued if I don't send in my school transcripts? 2- how long does it take for the permanent license to be issued? Thanks!
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    Not sure about other states, Missouri issued me a temporary license (I finished my courses, passed the boards in January but the college I attended only 'graduated' one class a year. I had to wait until June to get my official diploma/transcripts) The temp was good for 6 months, but once I submitted my transcripts the permanent license was issued (backdated to original issue date of the temp license)