Easton hospital

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    Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with Easton hospital in lehigh valley. I am applying for a job and have not had any luck so far. I have 3yrs nursing experience... Do anybody know starting rate just to get an idea??

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    I meant does not do lol sorry for typo
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    I applied to countless positions at Easton... I got one interview for ED and one rejection for PCU. That's all.
    The interview in ED went well, the nurses were good, and the NM very kind. I do not have any information yet, so I do not know if I got the job or not, but it was a good experience.
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    wow good luck and thnx for responding... did they mention salary at all? how long did it take after u applied to the er b4 they got back to yoou? iapplied to other positions in the past but nobody ever got back to me either but now tht i have more experience hopefully it will be different!!!

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