Drexel 4 year BSN CO-OP Fall 2010

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    Hello All,

    I've lurked here for many months and LOVE all of the quality advice that is given to every single post...
    I am hoping there are some fellow students out there that can tell me about the Drexel BSN 4yr Co-op program... If you start in the Fall, when will you likely have co-op? As a transfer student with pre-reqs completed, what is the course load going to be like? I've searched the forums and there doesn't seem to be much info on this program. There is, however, a wealth of info on the ACE program at Drexel...

    Thanks a bunch

    Finally my Time

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    Well im going to be attending the bsn co op in the fall as well and i definitely agree with you about there not being any post on Drexel's bsn co-op. I did some digging around and i did find out that co-op will start in the second year. I would also really like to know how the classes are ran, as far as the length of the classes and how the professors are. Im hoping someone will respond so we can have at least one thread thats about our program.
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    Let's both hope.. I also wonder if there is another place we can find students going to Drexel Fall '10.
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    I have no idea unless im typing in the wrong thing into google, lol maybe when it gets closer to fall ppl will start talking about it.....ya lets keep hope alive...lol
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    Quote from dml2010
    I have no idea unless im typing in the wrong thing into google, lol maybe when it gets closer to fall ppl will start talking about it.....ya lets keep hope alive...lol
    I've googled this as well and nothing.. I've checked Facebook and have found groups that haven't been updated since 2008... That's about as far as I am willing to go. Hopefully someone will show up here and share their wisdom...
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    Hi, I've been snooping around drexel's site, specifically the bsn co-op program and had a few questions about the pre-reqs. Is everything at the top of this list right above the nursing courses the pre-reqs for the course?


    Sorry, just slightly confused because when i check the plan of study, i see some of the above courses already listed in the plan of study, any feedback would be great.

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    This list is a list of classes and credits need to receive a the BSN degree. The planned course of study is a hypothetical schedule/plan of the courses listed on this page (listed by quarter). Keep in mind, some of the courses listed in the plan of study may not be on the "courses need" because someone's individual path may vary a little bit.
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    Hey guys,
    I am currently attending Drexel and I'm in the 4-year co-op nursing program. I know there isn't much information available but I would love to answer any questions that you have. I came to Drexel as a transfer student and already had all of my pre-reqs completed so I started my nursing classes right away. If you are coming into the program as a freshman you won't be taking any "actual" clinical nursing classes until your sophomore year. You will start off taking the classes that are required to be completed before starting clinicals like chemistry, microbiology, etc. Some classes you can take during your nursing classes like A&P and nutrition.
    So far I am really loving the professors. I haven't come across any mean or rude nursing professors, they really all want to see you do well in the program. The first quarter of actual nursing classes will be tough..you'll most likely be taking around 16 credits. When you meet with your adviser they will give you a schedule of your classes that you will be taking your entire time at Drexel broken down by year and quarter.
    Your co-op will be your third year, either during fall/winter or spring/summer. Mine is fall/winter, which means i'll be looking for a job next quarter in spring.

    There really is so much information about the program so if you guys have any other questions just ask and i'll do my best to help you out. But I hope this helps for now
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    To clarify, the co-op would be your third year if you're starting as a freshman. If you entering as a transfer it will be your second year.
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    First of all, I sincerely thank you for your response.. I have been looking for info for awhile now....
    Did you start Fall 2009?

    I'd love to know what your schedule is like. Which days you have which classes.. I know this is different for everyone, but I have been hoping to get an idea...
    How many people are in you nursing lectures/labs. I hear there are a lot... maybe you would be able to shed some light on this. I know I have other questions, but right now I am short on time. If you don't mind, I will post more later....

    Thanks again...

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