Do HACC's A&P classes require animal dissection?

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    I am looking into nursing schools in my area (Lancaster/York, PA) to attain my RN. I am very interested in HACC's program, and I am wondering if their A&P I&II courses use animal dissection. The Admissions contact I spoke with said he didn't think so, but I want to know for sure. I am a vegetarian and this is something I am morally opposed to. PA College of Health Sciences apparently dissects sheep eyes and brain, and fetal pig lungs, so I am probably ruling them out. Any information from students who've taken the class much appreciated!
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    Good day, Tashie27:

    Welcome fellow HACC student. I just started my prerequisites for a RN program June of last year at the Lancaster campus. I've taken Anatomy and Physiology I; there were zero dissections or even video dissections. We worked with models and slides; the slides were histology-based. I've A&P II this coming semester; and from what I've seen, there will be no dissections in that class as well. I think it comes down to funding and what's required for storage of what would be dissected.

    HACC Lancaster campus has been wonderful to date. I do recommend using Rate My Professor to get a rough guide as to how a professor's style of teaching might fit your style of learning; and then ask around. There are HACC Facebook groups including one for nursing. Join at (you do need a valid and working hawkmail email account to join). Their nursing Facebook group is not as active as PA College of Health Sciences, but the people who are active are friendly and helpful.

    Also, there are great people in who can help from various angles; I've learned so much through various members of this forum.

    Thank you.
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    Short answer is no. I took both A&P 1 and 2 last year at the HaCC main dissection.
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    I took A&P I and II at HACC Lancaster campus - Spring and Fall 2013 respectively. I do not remember any dissection in A&P I, but we definitely had dissections in A&P II. I specifically remember looking at the eye, the brain and the kidneys. We dissected them as a group during lab class so you would not have to personally do the dissection, but you would have to look at them well enough to identify the parts for the exam. My instructor used the dissected parts as part of our lab exam.
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    Good day:

    I'm taking A&P II now at the Lancaster campus; no dissections to date, none planned.

    Neld, who was your professor?

    Thank you.
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    I took professor ******* for both A&P I and II.
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    Hi Neld:

    To date, no dissections of anything by any professor in HACC; there are no methods or means to store anything of such in quantity for students.

    Thank you.
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    I took A&P I and II at the York campus. We used models, photos an drawings to learn anatomy. The was no dissection.