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    Anyone currently taking A&P and would share insights: teacher to take class with; study habits, what books your using etc. thanks
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    Have you tried ratemyprofessors.com? I have never had an issue with it, although sometimes you get some pretty bitter reviewers who didn't put the work in and disliked that they didn't pass. Also, my school uses marieb textbooks for anatomy and I LOVE them.
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    The AP class is difficult because of all the memorizing. I felt like BIO 110 prepared me for AP 1 but AP 2 I found it's just all about reading and rereading. I heard *********is the best prof for this class. I think you have to keep on top of things in here. Good luck. My other suggestion is to google practice tests for each unit. I found it very helpful.
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    Thanks to you both for the responses. I heard A&P is a toughie; trying to get ahead of the game by preparing early.