Calling all Widener Students: BSN

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    I have been accepted into the Nursing program at Widener University for Spring 2013. I am trying to get all my ducks in line as I do not live in the Pennsylvania area. I am looking for some incentives on housing. It's so hard to pick which hall based on the Widener websites information. I am looking for a nice, spacious (for a dorm haha) clean, fun, upperclassman dorm? Which dorm would you recommend? I am also looking for a roommate that is also in the nursing program!! So if there are any of you that are looking for a roommate for the Spring 2013 school year please let me know.
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    So the final decision was Widener?
    There's a Transferring to Widener FB page; maybe you could also ask there?
    Good luck!
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