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  1. 0 Anyone have recommendations or experiences they would be willing to share? Thanks so much!
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    I'm in the day program at Boyce and I like it there. Boyce has an evening/weekend program as well but I don't know enough about it to make a suggestion.
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    I went to Boyce. I started in the day program and went to evening/weekends. I prefered the latter. Much more laid back and adult focused.
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    What is the earliest time the evening classes start? Is it hard to get into the evening/weekend program? Did you have to go on a waiting list? I work full time and can only attend evening/weekend classes and every time I talk to someone at CCAC they give me a different answer. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    Did you apply for the nursing program yet? On the application it'll ask you which campus you Want to go to and if you want to be in the day or evening program. If you look at the CCAC fall schedule, you can see what time the evening classes start.