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Aria Health School of Nursing January 2013 - page 2

Hello everyone, I have been following and replying to some posts for the September 2012 admissions and wanted to hear some thoughts on everyone applying to the January program. I was so excited... Read More

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    Has anyone heard any news?? I am getting so nervous, the weekend was horrible waiting in suspense!
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    I was just thinking has anyone called because when I did in late september they said something about the first 2 weeks In october. I wasn't sure if they send the letters out or we are supposed to receive them this week. I am in suspense I need to know!!
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    Ok...coming on the third week of October, has anyone heard news? I am waiting anxiously!
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    Yes! I got in!! Check your email, I waited everyday for the mailman and yesterday as I was casually browsing my email I received a letter titled that read Aria Health School of Nursing, please respond ASAP!! Best of luck!
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    Really?? Wow, Ill have to keep checking my email. I've never heard of school's sending acceptance emails...I wonder if their sending paper letters too??
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    I know I was expecting some type of letter! I guess they are trying out a new method. I printed it out myself in order to save for documentation!
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    I got an e-mail saying I was accepted as well!!! They mail you a letter also, so keep checking your mail.
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    Omg congrats!! I keep checking my email like crazy! I wonder why were all getting emails at different times? I figured they would send a mass email..
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    Hey everyone! I've been accepted for the winter term as well. After the acceptance email I received only a letter about financial aid in the mail. The email said student acceptance packets need to be completed by Nov 5th. Did anyone get this packet?
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    No, I called today and spoke to Julie. She said they were in the process of being mailed out, but the mail goes through the hospital that's why it takes a little longer.
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    Congrats on getting in ladies! I'm halfway through my first semester and love it. I'm exhausted because it's a lot of info initially, but I really enjoy it and truly feel it's a great program.

    Best of luck!
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    Oh okay thanks for the info!! Hopefully will be getting them soon!
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    Your welcome!! And thank you simplyblessed!! I was looking over the schedule for this year and trying get an idea of what lies ahead.