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    That is BS!! I have a degree in a very unrelated field from Nursing BUT in that Undergraduate program, we took our general education courses then had to apply for the School of what our major was ex. School of Education, School of Biological Sciences, School of Foreign Languages, etc. You had to have whatever the required GPA was for that School but we applied a semester before while we were still taking our general education courses so there was no official guarantee to the School of your major that you would maintain your required GPA. Obviously , if you didn't, then you couldn't start in that program. Somehow, someway, it worked out in much larger University where the Schools were offering Undergrad, Grad, and Doctoral degrees.

    I say all of that to say: What the heck is their rationale?? Were you to have them done in December then sit out a semester?? If you have student loans and have to be at least half-time or the payments kick-in, how does that work?? Unless they hope in that case people will just enroll in 2 classes so they get $$$ while the student stays half-time. That is an interesting trick. If you were advised to go this route then this is double BS!! I really don't think that the Higher Ups at the college know what goes on in that Nursing Department. I have my own tale of woe that is really insane.

    Maybe try this:

    Have the Chemistry professor send your current grade to the Nursing Department. If there is no way possible that you could get below a 'C' then your grade is set as passing. Could you drop out in a week and "fail" the course? Yes, but who cares? You have nothing to lose at this point!!! Also, do you have the information from the advisement meeting? Who, when, etc. that may help a bit too.

    I wouldn't let this go!!! Keep us posted! Good luck!

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    I think im just going to let it go, I got into another school. I don't want the headache of dealing with them
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    That would be awesome if you got into mercy. A few of us on another thread are going to be attending there :-). Congrats to everyone else!
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    I also got my acceptance letter Saturday the 28th. I have a 4.0 GPA & picked North as my 1st chioce & Allegheny as my 2nd. But, I got accepted into Boyce. I did meet with the nursing dept. Monday & she told me there were lots of applicants this year and it was not a mistake.
    I wonder why Boyce has so many openings
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    Yay congrats!
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    I still have not received a letter of acceptance or rejection from CCAC. When would be a good time to contact them to find out? Thanks in advance!
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    As nerve wracking as it is... I would wait until next Monday to call them. They said everyone should hear back this week either way.
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    It boils down to if you have the co-reqs done, you get extra points. When I applied (I am finishing my first year at allegheny day), there was the pax test, your gpa and then extra points for the bios (161, 162, 175). When they took away the pax test, it made it pretty hard to weed through everyone. Lots of 4.0's out there.

    My daugther applied to Allegheny first choice, North second choice, got accepted South day. She is a true freshman at ccac taking her co-reqs. 4.0 first semester, 3.9 in high school (with ap bio and chem). She didnt get any extra points for the co-reqs like some that finished them did. I was told that was the difference. Her age worked against her. At least she got accepted.

    As far as the chemistry goes - that is a pre-requisite. It has to be done before you can apply. They used to require a computer class - if you took the two week class and got your grade before the application date - they would accept that and let you apply. They wont do it for the full semester classes.

    I can give you some advice for those in the programs: Be respectful whether you like the instructors or not. You are practicing on their license and no matter your experience, you are not a nurse (or you would not be there). I see attitudes that do not help the student at all and actually make their lives harder. Just fyi.
    Get good comfy shoes for clinicals.
    Stay organized.
    This is a means to an end. It is two years, put your head down and get through it.
    I blinked my eyes and a year is done. One year to go.
    Many did not make it this far. It happens, babies are born, people get sick, etc.
    Do what you have to do.

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    Congrats to your daughter! I hear that South has a much better program than Allegheny, so it should be worth the drive.

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