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  1. Patient complained of neglect 3 months ago, claims his Texas cath was not on for an hour during the night. This patient happend to be friends with the administrator and knew to use the word neglect and (after the fact) told an aid that same day he knew how to get people in real trouble. Now 3 month later the state wants to meet with this nurse, said it will only take like 20 to 30 minutes.

    My questions is does this nurse get a lawyer involved now?

    Let's say for this post the state can prove the Texas cath was not on for an hour (that the nurse knew of), but also claiming (for the sake of this The nurse had no idea of the following) the cath was leaking for 2 hours before while the patient was sleeping and got into a wound) this nurse had no idea the wound was soiled.

    This nurse is still working at the same facility, was written up and though that was it but now the state is Involved.

    what's the potential of the state taking a nursing license over this?

    Does anyone know a good lawyer for nurses that deal with the PA state board of nursing?
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  4. by   Rose_Queen
    For lawyers familiar with nursing licensure, TAANA Executive Office - Home is the place to start. Beyond that, it seems this may be slipping into legal advice, which isn't permitted under the terms of service. The potential of a state sanctioning a license is impossible to predict- nowhere near enough facts, and it's all done on a case by case basis. However, what you've posted is more than is wise to post on a public forum- if you can still edit, I would; otherwise, you can request a moderator edit the post by clicking the yellow triangle- and if that is your real name, change your username as well. Anything you put out there on the internet can be discovered and used by the BON/lawyers/etc.