Trimming NG tube prior to insertion?

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    Has anyone ever heard of trimming an NG tube prior to insertion? I had a patient who was going home on enteral feeds and because the length of the tube (the excess) caused issues at home previously, it was recommended that the end of the tube be trimmed (cut it down from 42' to 36' inches) when we placed a new one.

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    Never! And it would be bad because it would not be smooth on the end and could at worst cause a perforation on the way down! They. Have ng's if different lengths and if that is not available then they need to find a creative way to loop it.
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    If you mean cutting the non-inserted end - sure, I've seen it done. Of course, you would NEVER cut the blunt end meant to be inserted.
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    Agree with the others, never cut the end being inserted. How would you cap off the NG if you cut off the external end?
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    Never heard of trimming an NG!
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