To the nurses who work in Peds: question about vital signs

  1. I'm a new nursing assistant in the float pool. I have no experience with children and I was trained on an adult floor. I know nursing assistants get sent to pediatric floors including pediatric oncology, mother/baby, etc.

    I was wondering what the nursing assistants are required to do on the pediatric floors. Do we wash them or do the parents do that? Do we still measure I/O? Also, for vital signs especially for newborns or those who are less than 2 years old, do we do vitals signs even though they are sleeping? I mean for adults, we take vitals even though they are sleeping, but how about for babies? I'm scared to take their vitals when they are sleeping and I will wake them up. please help.
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  3. by   KelRN215
    Not all kids have parents and those that do don't always have parents who stay. If they don't, yes, you wash them. And not all parents are willing to do it.

    If the parents aren't there (and sometimes if they are), you also feed babies, change their diapers (and yes, you measure I/O, in certain populations like cardiac and oncology, this is extremely important), sit with them, hold them.