Suction After Meal/On Schedule?

  1. Does anyone have some great evidence-based resources on whether or not it is best practice to suction after meals. Most sources suggest to suction before meals. A few sources suggest to avoid suction after meals (but they are not necessarily scholarly sources worth quoting).

    Scenario: Mother of 14 month old trach/vent Pt requests home care nurses suction after each meal. (Company policy is never suction on schedule... after each meals seems like 'on schedule'). I have suctioned the patient after meals and no secretions were returned. I have suctioned the patient after meals and returned large secretions (when classic gurgle is also heard). I have never returned food particles upon examination of the tubing after suctioning, so it's not as if we're suctioning to remove trapped food.

    Thank you for your resources and thoughts!