PICU as a new grad, limited experience. HELP!

  1. Hi fellow nurses/ students!
    I recently graduated in May and was licensed in June=). I am planning on moving to Baltimore this August to start work. I have an interview for both Acute Peds and PICU on Thursday!! I am extremely excited and grateful to have these interviews; after all, the whole reason I went to nursing school was to help children and work in Peds!!=). First of all I want to say that I dont feel as though I would be ready to start as a Peds nurse. The only nursing experience that I have is from what I did at school in clinicals. Is this going to be enough?!?I feel so ill prepared! And if given the choice, which job should I take? I would LOVE the PICU job, the critical care experience would be a huge benefit for my nursing skill. NERVOUS yet EXCITED to possibly land my dream job!!! Also, any interview advice is welcome=)
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  3. by   kvsimp
    I have 20 + years in PICU and would strongly suggest you do acute PEDS first. I went into PICU after 2 years in adult med/sug and found I was lost for the first year or two. Good luck with your PEDS. career.
  4. by   Malmehl
    Thank you for your suggestion!