Peds Seminar?!

  1. I am a new grad working on a peds/ adult med surg unit. I would like to attend some peds or med surg seminars this summer... I live in Northern IN, so Chicago, Indy seminars would be perfect. But how do I find out when these events are? Where do you guys find them?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    I'd start by visiting the American Association of Pediatric Nurses' website and see if you cn find a local chapter or any events near you. Your area hospitals also might have some information about upcoming programs.
  4. by   Penguin67
    I don't think that the American Association of Pediatric Nurses exists, but the main one for peds nurses is the Society of Pediatric Nurses, and their website has conferences listed. I would also look at the Journal of Pediatric Nursing and a journal called simply Pediatric Nursing, for conference announcements.
  5. by   dianec1681
    Pesi has LOTS of seminars & webcasts...some are even on cd/dvd.