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Pediatric Competencies

  1. 0 Hello pediatric nurses
    I am a nurse educator in need of pediatric competencies for a med-surg floor.
    My speciality happens to be ICU/trauma/ED. If anyone has any pediatric competencies you are willing to share please forward them to me. My hospital is in wake of a department of health revisit for compilance within the next 2 weeks. Thank you
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    What kind of competencies are you looking for. We use a decision tree of high risk low volume. If we see things that are risky and not often then a competency is developed.
    Example Ventric drains. were seen but not often at one point so a competency was developed.
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    Thanks so much for replying, type of competencies I am looking in(pediatrics)-physical assessment, pain, assessment of a pediatric respiratory compromised patient.
    Thanks for all your help