Mag sulfate in acute asthma exacerbation (status asthmaticus)

  1. For those of you who give mag sulfate, do you usual run NS with it concurrently or just keep it at the bedside in case the PT goes hypotensive?

    Also, do you stay in the room for the twenty minutes it is infusing? Or just the first five but watch PT on the monitor?

    How often are you taking BPs etc?

    I'm just curious as I've seen some variations and I'm wondering what is done most commonly.
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  3. by   wooh
    I always give a bolus before I start the mag. Their pressure WILL drop, I'd rather prevent it than chase it.
    Stay in room first five minutes. Check pressure at 30 minutes and one hour. If they're at the point where we're giving mag, we're probably in the room that often checking their O2 sats, breath sounds, and work of breathing anyway.