Favorite recipes and remedies for bad diaper rashes

  1. Just wanted to see what great ideas you have about this. I personally use the Cavilon no-sting barrier allowed to fully dry, then diaper paste, then stomahesive powder, then more diaper paste. I have seen skin heal from beginning to end of shift. I also don't like using diaper wipes on rashes-- just water and gauze or washcloths. Had a bowel clean out patient recently with a horrible awful bleeding rash and this treatment seemed to help a great deal in just 12 hours.

    I think it's great that RN's can use their skills to heal even without a prescription. :-)
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  3. by   LadyFree28
    ^^^use this regularly if available...better than diaper cream with aloe vera and zinc. Agree with the soap water, pat dry, barrier cream & stomadhesive is a great recipe to a smoother bottom.
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