What Sticks in Your Head? Best Way to Educate

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    Hello to all!

    I am presenting to the general public and health care providers about heart attacks in women. One of the key pieces is education. Considering women have multiple roles in life - worker, mother, care provider, etc what would really stick to a person when learning new material? What style of education is best for information retention?

    A - Rhymn
    B - Acronymn
    C - Pictures
    D - Comedy
    E - Combination/Suggestion

    I really want to make this work and be useful! Thanks a bunch!

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  3. Poll: Best Education Style

    • Rhymn

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    • Acronymn

      25.00% 1
    • Comedy

      50.00% 2
    • Pictures

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    • Combination/Suggestion

      25.00% 1
    4 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    Everyone learns differently. You need to combine your strategies so that everyone will get the benefit of learning.
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