Teaching Plan

  1. i never did a teaching plan before i am looking for feedback..

    ndx: ineffective breathing pattern related to decreased lungexpansion secondary to excessive fluid in lungs manifested by patient states,"shortness of breath".


    1. patient will demonstrate breathing exercises toincrease lung expansion.
    2. patient verbalizes understanding of therationale for each exercise

    learner behaviors content:

    1. patient identifies situations in which shecan use pursed lip breathing. during more difficult activities such as lifting,climbing stairs and bending. (affective)

    2. patient able to use incentive spirometer toexercise lungs.

    3. patient is able to use diaphragmaticbreathing to strengthen the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.

    4. patient identifies the need to deep cough stopexcess fluid from accumulating.


    1. this will move old airout of the lungs and help to relax the body.
    2. help keep lungs clear and prevent fluidbuildup.
    3. when breathing gets harder you use othermuscles to help you breathe making the diaphragm weaker.
    4. keeps the lungs activeand working hard to get rid of excess fluids and prevents fluid from settlinginto the lungs.


    1. role play, explanation
    2. role play
    3. explanation, role play
    4.discussion, role play

    any feedback would be gretly appreciated

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