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PPD Question Please help

  1. 0 Hello Everyone,

    I just need a little help because I am freaking out. I am 9 weeks pregnant and had to have a pre-employment work-up. I had to have a ppd done. It was given to me on Friday and I went in on Monday and you could not even see where it had been given to me at. The nurse touched my arm and said it was a negative. My best friend said that it would be noticable if I had a positive TB. So now its Thursday and I look at my arm and I see a small red bump. I am freaking out and I dont know what to do. Can this be an allergic reaction. It was clearly not there this whole time until today ( Thursday). My sister in law said that I was freaking out for no reason. What do I do? I am really scared! Please someone help. Is a ppd not read after 72 hours for a reason? Thank you very much for you help!!!!