Thinking about going to keiser university for RT.

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    Hi, Ive been a cna/ pca off an on for 10 years now and looking into furthering my career. I will be 42 by the end of the year and just need to take charge and....."Just do it". I know keiser is very expensive, but easier to get into. And thats okay by me. I work in a hospital and see RT's come in and out of patients room from time to time, and always intriqued by them. I really dont care to get my RN, though I want to stay in the medical field.

    What im asking is has anyone graduated from keiser and how was the course? Whether is was medical related or not. I have a good support system to where I would just go to school full time and just concentrate on that, but I always worked and feel weird not working. I know I have to not let my insecurites stop me.

    Would like to hear some feedback or anything else that can relate to this Thanks.

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