Should I apply for a job as a PCT or a CNA

  1. Hi, I am looking for some advice. I am a 51 year old woman beginning a second career. I recently pass the National CPCT exam and I am now waiting to take the required state CNA exam in Florida. When I took the PCT course, we only had two labs each in phlebotomy, and EKG; as a result, my confidence level performing both skills are very low. When I am looking for employment should I apply for PCT or CNA positions. If I apply for PCT employment would they provide me with further training drawing blood and EKG, or would I be expected to walk in and be proficient in those areas? I plan to apply for the excelerated BSN programs (BS to BSN), once I completed my prerequisites.
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  3. by   LightX
    I think you should apply for PCT. Most places will have you shawdow someone for at least a few days. You can have that person watch you as you do all those things that you are lacking confidence in.
    Youll be fine. If all else fails, fake confidence and you will start to actually feel it.
  4. by   trinilady
    Thank You! I am going to take your advice.
  5. by   AM326
    I would apply to both, although the PCT has more duties, I would prefer the PCT. They always train you on Phlebotomy/Lab and EKG :3