PCT in S. FL - classes?

  1. 0 So my current plan is to challenge the CNA exam in Florida in order to get my certification - I've been caring for my grandmother for years, so a lot of the skills are second-nature by this point, and I'm not super worried about the written exam, with a little extra preparation, so I feel relatively confident challenging it.

    However, most hospitals in my area require EKG/phlebotomy certifications - and I'm having a heck of a time finding a place that does it without being either 1) super-expensive ($3000+ for out-of-state, I'm originally from MN), 2) poorly reviewed, or 3) in another state.

    Any ideas for a place in southern Florida (near Fort Lauderdale) that does EKG/phlebotomy certification? Alternately, does anyone have any information about Florida Medical Training Institute? I was going to just go there, but a few reviews I read regarding clinical hours have me thinking twice about it...
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    Hi I was wondering if you ended up going to fmti and what you thought ? I'm thinking about going there for EMT and paramedic. Please let me know what you thought
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    Palm Beach State University has a PCT program starting in August. They have a day and night program that lasts about 3 months. Its about 790 for out-of-staters. I know all of this because I'm thinking of signing up.

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