Need help with decision on job?? Need help with decision on job?? | allnurses

Need help with decision on job??

  1. 0 So the problem is I want to get a job working in the hospital as a pct or cna.I met with my advisor last week it will not be until after a year before i apply for the nursing program. It would be a good idea to get my one year experience in.But the problem is that I feel like I cannot know for sure that it will be a waste of time or money. I just really need some advice I just seem to be feeling a bit discouraged and confused on this matter. Thanks.
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    I say apply. Roll with it. Waste of money on nursing school or waste of money on the job? I am confused. Or do you mean get your CNA?
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    I would go for the job, the experience will be so helpful and in some ways could help clarify if nursing is for you.
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    Hi it would be great to be able to get some experience in the hospital. Experience always helps!
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    If you can get into the hospital. A lot of hospitals take awhile to hire people. Keep on applying and also look at a wide range of jobs in order to get your foot in the door.