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Good interview questions

  1. 0 Hi all.

    I have an interview coming up for a pct job on a Nero floor.
    Any good questions for me to ask? I come for a IT background so I am not so sure about what kind to ask.

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    moved for best response....Good Luck!
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    What is the pt ratio?

    What type of qualities do you deem most important that PCA's should possess?

    What is a typical day like?
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    What is the training process for new employees?

    What is the patient to pct ratio?

    What color scrubs do the pcts wear?

    How do the nurses and pcts communicate?

    Describe a typical work day on this unit?

    What do believe makes a successful employee?

    What is your management style?

    What happens in the event the unit is short staffed?
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    When can I expect to hear from you again?