Getting a job as a PCT

  1. Hi, I will like advice on how to make myself more marketable for getting a job as a PCT or CNA in a hospital, clinic, or out patient setting with out having any exsperience in the medical profession.
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  3. by   kenyapatricia
    A PCA/PCT job is to assist the nurse. They do venipuncture(blood draws), EKGS, specimen collections, drainage, and ALOT more. You need to write a cover letter that really shows an empathetic attitude and an awesome team playing ethic. Revise your cover letter like 5x. BE YOURSELF. If you are lucky enough to know someone in the medical profession have them go over it with you. Don't be shy. Confidence is key. I got a job as a PCA in a difficult hospital without experience. You might need a reference. It is extremely difficult but possible. Also research the hospital and UNIT you are applying for. A maternal unit is going to completely differ from a surgical unit.
  4. by   CPCTColeman
    At Kenyapatrica thank you very much. I will definitly do exactly what you have said. Two of my teachers are Nurses and will let me use them as references so I hope that does help me out in giving me and edge. Now to work on that cover letter.