For profit learning centers: Are they reputable places to get CNA/PCT certified?

  1. I am seriously thinking about going to nursing school, but I want to get my PCT or CNA first so I can get into the field and get some experience. I am wondering if places like Ross Medical or Career Quest Learning Centers are good places to get your certification or if I should stay away from those kinds of places?
    I need to work fill time and go to school and it seems that these are the only places that offer night classes. Really need some advice here. Thanks
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  3. by   futurernfarmer
    NO NO 1000 times NO! For profit schools are a waste of money at best and a scam at worst. Ask around in your area, or other areas if you want to relocate to a good program that fits your needs. There are hospital based programs that will train you for free if you agree to work for them. Check with big hospitals, community colleges, and non-profit learning centers. Ask around. Not only can you go through PCT training for FREE, you might be able to swing nursing too. If all else fails, EMT and CNA are basically equivalent to PCT.